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TripleROI offers a full range of custom web design and development services from a simple banner design to complete website deign solutions. We start by understanding our clients’ needs and keeping them continually updated, results in us delivering the best services that integrate your business with a fully functioning website solution that enhances your name and improves customer awareness of your products and services.

We are highly skilled and have a wide range of experience in user experience design, user interface design that is one of the most overlooked aspects of web design nowadays. Our web design process is flexible and we can comfortably scale it to meet the business objectives whether you are small business, start up or large corporation, we got you covered.

Website Design & Development Process:

Industry Research

Our team conducts a detailed assessment of the your business and industry by assembling existing information. This phase identifies the nature of business, brand and other business characteristics. It also determines the potential goals and target audience.

Design & Planning

After gathering supporting information establish a detailed project brief that shows necessary requirements of the website. It also helps us to further determine a work plan to establish design goal for your website.

Drafts and Prototype

In this phase we sketch out a website wireframe layout including the homepage or secondary web page. This determines the look and feel, design structure and all elements that should be added on each page such as navigation, images, content, functional elements like search, links, header, footer etc.

Website Development

The next phase consists of the technical aspects of website development which includes programming and coding of the pages, backend creation, content pages, scripting, database coding and integration.

Quality Assurance

After completing of the development phase, we start running quality assurance tests and measures to remove any errors or inaccuracies. This is critical stage of the process since it ensures the website functionality is working correctly.

Website Launch

Finally, after the client has reviewed and approved the final changes, we move the website from the development URL to the actual domain where the website will be views by the public end-user.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is an on-going process which is recommended after the website is launched. The client may need to create a new section, add new pages, images or any type of information regarding services to the website. We can handle of all types of website maintenance and updates for our clients on daily basis.

Website Design Process
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